Friday, December 26, 2014

Letter from Home - Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Dear Vickie,

Today is Aunt Orva Jeanne's birthday. Tomorrow is Robert's birthday. Wednesday is Uncle Carl's birthday. Thursday is Aunt Amy's birthday. We had a surprise party for Aunt April on Saturday. It looks like it was a lot of fun. Dad and Henry went. I was too sick and trying to rest up for my big Sunday with the choir in church and the Messiah Sing-along. Dad has been very helpful assisting me to get well.

Today I took the day off and slept. But tomorrow we have to get ready to go to Arizona. Steven arrived this morning. He has off work until January. So he is sleeping in the guest bedroom. 

Yesterday, we had church. The choir did very well in the Christmas program. The Messiah Sing-along was good as usual. We added the organ this year because we had received permission to perform in the chapel. It really added a lot. 

Saturday, I already mentioned Aunt April's surprise party. We had another rehearsal for the quartet that sang in the Christmas program. They did such a good job. It was Laura Benedict, Marlies Robison, David Flournoy and Henry. It was sure a busy day for shoppers. Either Beth or Dad went shopping and told me how long the lines were.

Friday, I went over and practiced with the Simonson's for their duet in church. "I Wonder When I Wander" The duet turned out to be a trio. Their little girl got up with them and sang really loud all the words when her dad sang. When her mom sang she was quiet. I thought it was funny. Dad went to Panda Express and got dinner for he and I. I only wanted the vegetables. He got the Beijing Beef for himself. Remember, I got that when you and I went a couple of weeks ago. Now I know why he gets that entree. He also got Teriyaki Chicken. We watched a movie at home. I wasn't feeling well. 

Thursday, I actually cancelled my orchestra class for the morning. I could not get myself going. I taught the afternoon class, though. We had a rehearsal Thursday night for the quartet that sang Sunday. They sang "Shine For Me; Star of Bethlehem" by Dan Carter (who incidentally we were in the same music theory class together at Ricks College--back when it was Ricks College and not BYU-I).

Wednesday, -sick.

Tuesday, taught Orchestra.

Monday, sick

Last Sunday, I went to the stake Christmas program even though I was just barely alive. Sister Tebbs was thankful that I came.

Well, I hope you've had a good week. We sent your package on Saturday. It is full of all kinds of goodies, plus a couple of gifts from Dad and me and Trevor--since he has your name this year. Please don't get sick. Henry made the cookies. I'm pretty sure they are delicious because the rest of the batch didn't last long. lol

My question to you this week is, Does Heavenly Father bless you according to your desires even when it would complicate other parts of your life? Do you have scripture passages that talk about it? 

We were going to have our Bentley Christmas party tonight, but Jake and Shayla don't want to get sick (don't blame them). So we decided to try for tomorrow night. That actually would be better because Wilford doesn't have to work tomorrow night. I really didn't have much hope for me being well; but Tanya, the angel of mercy, came by with this garlic salve that she swears by. I rubbed it on my feet (put on socks) and chest and neck. I'm going to reapply before I go to bed. I now have hope that I will be well tomorrow. She blended 8 peeled garlic cloves into 1/3 cup of coconut oil. I will let you know on Christmas when you call how it worked.

That's the week in a nutshell. Because of being sick, I was able to watch a lot of Christmas movies. It really was fun in the midst of hurting so bad. One advantage of being sick is that you only have to do what is extremely necessary.

I love you so much, and I'm so proud of you and your desires to serve others. That makes me happy when I watch my children serve.

Love, Mom

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