Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week three:) - December 24th, 2014


Today is Christmas Eve, but it doesn't really feel like it. Except for the fact that there's a big box sitting on my desk. And I want to open it. So bad. But I think someone accidently wrote "don't open until Dec. 25" on it, which is really irritating!!! It also doesn't help that all my roommates said they would just open it. Sigh. Not cool. I'm excited though!!

I love teaching people! I get super stressed right before I go teach them, but then while I am in the lesson, everything seems to be fine. We're teaching this one guy named Brian. He is sincere in his inquiries about the gospel, which is totally awesome! He's also felt the Spirit, and so I'm so excited for him! The interesting part is he also thinks I'm odd. He'll notice weird things that I do. For instance, I was quietly blowing on my sweaty hands (cuz that'll make them stop sweating) and I look up and he's looking at me weird. Darn it. Or I'll accidently say something odd in Spanish. He loves my companion though! They relate really well! So to him, my companion's awesome and I'm really weird. Haha:P At first when my companion and I started teaching, it was difficult and weird to teach in the broken Spanish that we would try to study. But as we keep moving on, we strive for the Spirit the most, and truly, the Spirit takes care of everything. We just need to be willing to prepare, study, and then let the Spirit use us to reach out to God's children. This requires not being selfish, which is sometimes hard:/ Anyway, every day is crazy and weird and interesting. I wrote to my branch president, "It's like being on a roller coaster! Maybe I'll scream, but it'll be fun, right?" 

Oh. About the branch that I'm in. We are the only district in my branch, meaning, there are only seven of us sisters in our whole branch!! So we have to meet with another branch cuz we have no elders, and we won't get any for at least another week! I've been asked to be the branch music coordinator, by the way. I haven't done anything yet, so I should probably get on that...

One of the wonderful sisters in my district, Hermana Mansell, plays french horn! So I'm accompanying her in a Christmas talent show number! We tried out yesterday and we found out we made it by the end of the day! Hopefully that will go well...but Hermana Mansell seriously is amazing at french horn, and fun fact, we arranged the piece! We did it in about an hour, which I don't think is too bad. It sounds pretty awesome too. I wish you all could hear it!

I gotta go, but I hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas! I miss you tons and I love the pictures you guys send me!

Hermana Mennenga is funny. She's obsessed with showering. And shouts at you if you don't shower.

Merry Christmas,
Hermana Bentley

PS. From Hermana Mennenga, don't forget to SHOWER!!!!

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