Friday, December 12, 2014


Welcome to Hermana Vickie Bentley's mission blog! We are so happy that you stopped by. There are a couple of things to note...

Hermana Bentley's mailing address is located to the right of this blog. This is her MTC address which will be valid until she leaves the MTC on January 19th.

The easiest (and cheapest) way to write to Hermana Bentley is through If you go to the website, in the middle where it says, "Select Mission" use the pull down menu to select "Provo MTC." Click "Write a Letter." Fill in all parts of the form that it brings up. The Unit # is 17 and the Mission Code is NJ-MOR. Her departure date is JAN19. They print the letters and send them to the missionaries for you at no cost!

You can still use this service once Hermana Bentley goes to New Jersey but there is an added postage fee of $0.49. Still not a bad option!

Below her mailing address on this blog you will also see a box that says "Follow By Email." If you put your personal email into the space and complete the subscription you will be informed in your email inbox every time this blog is updated with a new letter from Hermana Bentley - extra handy so you don't have to just come back and keep checking without anything new being here.

Feel free to comment with any questions and I (Shayla Bentley, sister-in-law and keeper of this blog) will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks to all for your love and support for our beautiful missionary!

Love The Bentley Family

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