Friday, February 27, 2015

Letter from Hermana Bentley - February 17, 2015

Sooo, yesterday was a holiday so the computers in the libraries were all unavailable. But...

Happy Valentine's Day en tarde! That day was actually a little awkward for us missionaries...but it's coolio.

This past week has been fairly interesting. We found a few new investigators, and they are SO ready! And one of our investigators, Martha/Hna. Ojeda is feeling more and more the truth of our message. It was amazing what she said to us the yesterday! She has been really confused with all the different truths and churches, and she told us that we are the ones that she feels different about! Her answer is becoming clearer and clearer and she knows it. I just want her to know immediately!! But patience is a virtue and she is doing her best. I love that lady!

Wednesday night I felt so sorry for my companion. We had eaten at a less active's home and apparently the food didn't fit well for her stomache, because in the middle of the night she felt sick and threw up. Luckily it was only once for her. But I felt even more sorry for her, cuz I was the one that woke her up and made her realize that she was sick! She told me that in her dream, she was hearing me talk and she woke up and looked over at my bed and I was sitting up, reciting the first vision in Spanish over and over. So she was like, "Hermana Bentley, what are you doing?" and I apparently said, "I'm just practicing." She told me that right now was not a good time and that I should save that for language study. So I laid back down. She tried to go back to sleep, but that was when she realized that she felt really sick. When she came back from the bathroom, I was sitting up in my bed again with my eyes open and everything. Hermana Mortensen said that that was kinda scary cuz my eyes were open, but hollow cuz I wasn't concious. So, poor girl, she was weak and ready to go to bed when my sleeping self decides to strike up a conversation. She told me I said, "You know, I was just thinking about the difference in believing and knowing..." she was like auuugggghhhh go to sleep! So she had to listen to me gab off while feeling all that nausea. The next day she felt better, and now she's doing awesome.

Last Friday was not my favorite cuz I was backing up my companion with the car. I don't know why I never thought that this was a dumb idea, but usually I will put myself between our car and any other cars that are behind us so that when she comes back I can simply tap on the back and she'll stop. Unfortunately, though, she was on a small hill of ice and she took her foot off the brake for two seconds and I tapped, but too late cuz my leg was pinched between the two cars! And I yelled out cuz it hurt and I thought that that would be a good thing to do when my leg is like that. So she quickly pulled forward a little, and I limped to my seat in the front, and when I got over my first initial shock, I felt my leg and there was a slight dent in there, but now there's only a bruise and my leg is healing great! I gotta go now but I love ya'll and miracles continue to happen! pray for Oscar Guerrero please, he's getting baptized on Friday and he's feeling a little nervous!

Hermana Bentley

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