Thursday, February 5, 2015

Letter from Home - February 1st, 2015

Dear Vickie,

Dad and I are eager to hear how you fared in the big storm last week. Dad kept close track of the storm on the tv and weather reports. So we think you came out pretty well. But today I noticed another storm coming from the West that is suppose to hit the northeast again. You'd better get all those people converted and righteous so the weather will calm down!! ;-)

Well, here's the low-down for the week:

Monday I went and played the piano at Daughter's of the Utah Pioneers. I love going there because they make such a fuss over me and each other. I never get to stay for the luncheons, though, because I always have to leave early to pick up Trevor at school. My piano playing went fine-even with nine fingers and an occasional slip-up of the cut finger. I taught my viola student in the afternoon.

Tuesday and Thursday I taught my usual Orchestra classes.

Wednesday I went to the temple in the morning and did initiatory work. I had a good time because there was a couple of friends there that work in the temple. Yes, my friends work in the temple! I'm the one who had babies into my 40's, so I've got awhile before I can join them. When Trevor reaches 18, then I can be called to work in the temple. That will be exciting if it comes my way! FYI, I would never do anything different. I love all my kids--even the ones I am raising at the Grandma speed! Beth watched Abrielle and Nathan that night. I guess we all watched them. They're pretty fun. We were really looking forward to Grandma sleepover on Thursday night, but...

Thursday, I woke up and noticed my eye was looking a little worse. Beth said I had pink eye. There has been a discharge for a few weeks. I've just been waiting for it to blow over. Anyway, I texted Shayla and told her the bad news. Since they had vacation plans starting Saturday, they decided to not have the kids come over. It was probably for the best because I wasn't feeling well.

Friday: Today was Grandma's birthday. I thought of her all day. I still miss her a lot. I took Trevor to his piano lesson to Shayla's. I waited out in the car. Shayla came out and said that my eye didn't look bad. Then I recognized that I hadn't had any discharge from my eye that day. That was pretty strange. Anyway, we traded cars because they were taking the van to Arizona. I really, REALLY like driving my car, but that would have been a tight fit to have three kids in the back of their car. So I loaned them the van. When I got home I put 2+2 together and realized why my eye was doing better. I had asked Dad on Thursday night to give me a Priesthood blessing. I was basically told that I need to counsel with the Lord about my health problems and other things I was told. I texted Shayla and told her. It makes me so thankful to Heavenly Father for his love for me.

Saturday, I conducted the Symphony for rehearsal. After about an hour-and-a-half, I couldn't conduct any more. My hip and back hurt so much and my arms were about to give out. So I asked one of the violas to conduct. She did a great job. Then after I rested one song, I conducted the last one. I used to be able to do that for three hours straight! Henry is doing well playing percussion. We came home and David and Beth told me they were moving back to Texas. Such a heart break for me. They didn't know exactly when, but they thought March. Today they told me they are thinking this month. So we won't have little Marci to brighten our days with her smile. We won't have David and Beth to cook us their delicious meals. Plus, I will miss all the visiting we have done. I guess I can't hoard them! Tami and John love them, too. Besides, David and Beth think Utah is too cold. Go figure! Anyway, it was Beth's birthday, so we went to Olive Garden and met Todd and Marie and Aurella. We had to wait over an hour. But we had a lot to talk about. We finally got in and, of course, the food was delicious. Afterwards, we came home and played a game. I played too, but I don't remember what the game was--something about shadows and neutrals. Everyone coached me through the game. Something like Rook and Skip-Bo are along my speed.

Today my cough was so bad I stayed home from church. I was released from choir director and called as choir pianist. Bart Robbins is the choir director again. Brother Chavez told me it was because they needed me to play piano--not because I did a bad job as choir director. LOL I really appreciated the ward choir people who came and sang. We sang really well, plus we had a lot of people come. But I am happy to be behind the piano again. I washed the pots and pans tonight and my scab came off my cut finger. It looks pretty healed over. But I can feel a round ridge under the skin. Plus it is still very tender!

I didn't get that music book sent that you asked for. I went to Amazon and it is out of print. There was one available, and it cost $99.99. I only paid $35 for ours. I'm a little hesitant to send that book because I don't want to lose it. Give me a minute, though, and I will probably convince myself to send it. Heck, maybe I'll sell it for $100!!! jk

Dad is doing well. This week he was on-call for work. I think he told me that this month the Tab Choir will begin rehearsing on Tuesdays as well as Thursdays to get ready for a convention coming up.

You know what? You never told me what part of New Jersey you are serving in! I'm guessing it's in Newark, but I'm not sure. Let me know so I can look it up on

Wilford is still looking to move out. He's thinking of looking for a job in Arizona. I reminded him of the heat. So we'll see. If he does move down there, he will be able to hobb-nobb with Grandfather and Alba. Plus, I'm sure he and Robert and family will have fun. Tonight Dad and Trevor and I had devotional because Henry had already gone to sleep. This is how it's going to be when everyone moves out and Henry goes on a mission!!! It's a little scary for me to have it so quiet; and I hope I don't get lonely. I guess I'll survive. I'll have to get busy cleaning and organizing and decorating. haha -- me decorating!?

Henry is getting ready for an audition. It's tomorrow for his Musical Theater class. I gave him a couple of voice lessons--but he is so nervous. I told him to be positive. His voice is doing great! I'll have to let you know next week how he did. He's singing part of "To Dream The Impossible Dream". I'll be praying for him! He's also getting ready for Sweethearts. A girl asked him out. I can't remember her name.

Trevor is doing well with American School. He is keeping up his half-day at Elk Ridge. He got an A- in Seminary! So I'm pretty proud of him.

I love you and pray for you daily. I know you are pleasing the Lord and making New Jersey a brighter and happier place with your cheerful attitude and your wonderful personality and your message about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Con Mucho Carino, Mom

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