Monday, February 16, 2015

Letter from Home - Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dear Vickie,

Another storm? I just noticed that Boston has received huge snow deposits. I looked at a video and it was amazing how deep the snow is over there! Fortunately--unfortunately for you--we are having unseasonably warm weather. haha But, then, you are one of my kids who loves cold weather, right??? Kind of makes you want to live in Arizona. hehe

We had a nice Sunday. The Relief Society presidency was changed. Cindy Minson, Kelly Danice, and Jenn McIllece are the new presidency. I went over to play for the Care Center.

Saturday was Valentine's Day. I made that yummy carrot cake because Beth really wanted me to do that. I played all of Symphony. But I put 1/4 of a cotton ball and a bigger bandaid. It was big, but I could play for the most part without pain.

Friday, Dad and I went out to Archibald's for dinner. Whatever I get over there, I really love. They are a good restaurant. BTW, I sent your Valentine package, but in order to get it there by Valentine's Day, it would have cost almost $55!!! So I opted for the 9-11 day rate for much, much cheaper. You should have it this week. Enjoy, but don't get sick! I actually made sugar cookies and decorated them. They are in the Pringle's can so they won't get crumbly. Then a bunch of other stuff I thought you would like including that music book you wanted. You're welcome! I love you, too! LOL Oh, yeah, Dad and I went to The Orange Peel after Archibald's. They make all kinds of smoothies without sugar. In fact, Dad and I requested they put in Stevia. Shayla told us about it.

Thursday, I went to Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Camp meeting. We heard some very interesting pioneer histories by Diane Tree.


Tuesday, we had Abrielle and Nathan over for Nathan's first ever Grandma sleep-over. We watched movies and ate yummy stuff and stayed up way later than we were used to. I wish I could have Breena and Joshua over somehow. Maybe we can figure that out. Main requirement is potty-training must be accomplished before sleeping at a Grandma sleepover! lol

Monday, David taught the family night lesson. He's a very good teacher. It was on family and couple councils.

General family news: Dad is still busy with the choir and work. He went to the doctor and his diabetes is worse. The doctor suggested he try the Paleo diet. So we are doing our best to try that diet. It's mostly meat with vegetables. No grains nor sugar. We are definitely not perfect; but it's a process, right?

David and Beth are packing up a little each day. My lonesome is already starting to hurt. I'm going to miss them--but especially that cute little Marci! I think Trevor won't know what to do without being able to carry her around and babysit her.

Wilford's last day at work is the 19th. So we are going to celebrate his birthday with a breakfast on the 21st--his birthday. I was hoping to have Marie's birthday party Saturday night because she and Todd are going down to Mesa with Beth and David and will be gone on her birthday--the 26th. I'm waiting to hear from Marie, though, after she talks to Todd. It would be a fun Saturday to have breakfast together, then party until dinner, then go out for Marie's birthday.

Trevor and Wilford have been playing a lot of computer games because a new game just came out this last week.

Henry and the Madrigals did Singing Valentine's on Friday. He had so much fun.

This morning I was praying and thinking about what to pray for each of my children. Some of my kids I knew just what to ask for in their behalf. But some, I wasn't sure. So I prayed that Heavenly Father would bless so and so without asking for anything specific. I appreciate when my children talk to me or come to see me and let me know what's going on in their lives. I really feel a void when I don't hear from one or more of them. I thought how that's very much like praying to Heavenly Father. He must feel a void when someone forgets about Him or when someone feels they don't need him. Especially when He knows just how to bless their lives--but holds back because of free agency. I think occasionally we go thinking we can do it all--independent of help from above.

But Helaman made it perfectly clear that we cannot be independent in this life (Helaman 5:12). In fact, he called Jesus Christ a rock. He said that we had to rely on Jesus Christ, the rock. Hard times will come our way--it's a given. But we can avoid being dragged down during those hard times if we will depend upon Christ.

Well, I hope you and each of your siblings will remember to pray to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and to realize that they can't do it without their help. I also hope that when I pray for my kids, I will know specifically what to ask Heavenly Father. Mothers really like to be in touch with each child--if only just to listen to them and then, to pray for them.

I love you muchisimo!

Love, Mom

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