Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 21st, 2015 Letter from Hermana Bentley

Hola ya'll,

New Jersey is pretty neat! I love my mission president and his wife, President and Sister Taggart! They are so kind and have helped me to feel alright! They met all of us new missionaries at the airport, and then we all drove to a busy part of a city called Newark. An assistant to the Pres drove us there, and told us that were going sinking. I asked, "Syncing?" and another girl in the car said, "No! Singing!" I was like, oh okay, that's cool. But really, in a way we were about to sink. So we all got there and made sure that everyone had a companion, and stood in a circle. We all started to sing, and then after a couple of lines of singing Called To Serve, suddenly everyone started to run away into the city! I was so thrown off! My companion was sprinting away across the street! So I ran after her and we stopped as we waited for a light to turn green for us. Then she told me what we were gonna do. We were street contacting! And we went up to random people and talked about the gospel and gave them a pass along card. As we passed a bus stop, there was a man who called to us, "Goldilocks!" I waved a hello back to him and kept walking. There was another man that we talked to who I could hardly understand what he was saying because his New Jersey accent was so thick! He believed in the Koran, and I think he was telling us about how the Book of Mormon was of the devil, and he was already three feet away from us, and started to come closer and closer. My companion said that we didn't have very much time and that we had to go, but the man kept talking. So she started to walk away, and I kinda just stood there, wanting to say something that might help him to want to read the Book of Mormon...but I realized that this man wasn't going to listen, he didn't intend to listen, and so

I gotta go love ya'll! Hermana Bentley

Okay, sorry, I had to get off the computer for a moment...we use the computers at the Kearny Library.

So this guy wasn't gonna listen to us, so we said bye and walked away. The next guy we talked to was actually Spanish speaking, so I talked to him a little bit and my companion didn't speak very much Spanish so that was a little weird for me. But he was nice and took our card. Mer. I introduced ourselves, and then said that we had a message of Jesus Christ and mind was going, so all I could say was, "Entonces, empezamos..." I was striving to think of what to say, but he took our card and said something that sounded like he understood. So I hope that all went well:P But yeah. We talked to three other neat people, and one kinda odd lady. It was fun:) I will do better at that though!

The next day I got my companion and her name is Hermana Mortensen. She's really nice and I'm excited to go work with her! We visited with a couple of people yesterday, and one of them committed to baptism! I'm so excited for them! The other person is a woman named Betty and she's baptized, and she committed to preparing for the temple! Miracles happen here, it's amazing! For the past three weeks New Jersey has had a baptism each week! Two of those people walked into the church and said they wanted to be baptized! So missionaries are teaching them, and the work is moving forward! I haven't said much, but I am trying to do my best so that when I teach tonight, and for the rest of my mission, I can help people come closer to Christ and their Loving Father in Heaven.

I am still adjusting to missionary life (what the hey, this is my second day!), and it feels a little hard right now, but I know that will some faith and hope, all with be right within Christ:)

Hope ya'll have a fantastic week!


Hermana Bentley

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