Thursday, January 15, 2015

Letter from Home - January 14th, 2015

Querida Hermana,

Hey, I may not have written on Tuesday, but at least I'm getting your letter written early today! This may be the last one while you are at the MTC. Are you excited to go to New Jersey??? You are in for some great experiences; and I want to read about them. Hey, we will get to hear from you at the airport! Be sure and let me know about what time so I can be ready.

Where do I start? Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference with our visiting General Authority, Elder Summerhays. It was unlike any conference we've had before. Saturday night was conducted like a huge Family Home Evening. We could feel the Spirit strongly. Sunday morning conference was basically calling people up to speak. Of course, one always gets that feeling that maybe it could be you. But I was able to just sit and enjoy each testimony. The Spirit was also very strong in that meeting. One of the speakers is a girl that works at Maceys and her last name is Crossly. She was going to get married, but then she decided to go on a mission.

Saturday morning I attended the first Symphony rehearsal of the year. But I couldn't play--which was hard for me. Larry chose some great music for our concert in May. I've played it all before but I have to sit out until my finger heals. BTW, it's scabbed up. I leave it uncovered while I'm home. But I bandage it up when I leave because I don't want people to get grossed out looking at it. lol It's still pretty painful. It's interesting to watch and feel as it heals. Sometimes it hurts so intensely. Sometimes it itches. It's very tender and always there is a dull ache. It's kind of like a testimony about the miracle of the body that God created.

Friday night Dad and I went out to dinner with Uncle Ty and Aunt Malinda. We ate at Texas Road House. Afterwards we went and watched Tyson play basketball for Liahona School. He did really well on defensive. The guys that he guarded couldn't get the ball because Tyson kept them away from it. He sure is tall! Aunt Malinda and I had a great time talking, of course. That's a great talent that we have! LOL

It's been fun watching Marci. She loves to play Peek-a-Boo. Yesterday she stood up but left her head on the ground like she was upside-down. It was so cute. But before we could get our cameras out, she was through. I showed her a picture of you on my computer and she smiled. So I'm sure she remembers you.

Other than that, my elementary school orchestras are doing well. We're preparing for the big Monster Concert that will be in April. I'm teaching one viola student, and he's doing exceptionally well. He plays with more confidence in the school orchestra.

I've been watching a lot of movies while I wait for this finger to heal. I love you and pray for you. I know you are doing exactly what the Lord wants. I look forward to reading your email!

Love, Mom

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