Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letter from Hermana Bentley - 3/31/15

Sorry, this letter is gonna be short:/

So we received news that we are gonna get IPads! woo hoo! I'm pretty excited for that:) Only a few select missions get to have them, and we were on the list, so I feel extremely grateful. Just gotta wait a couple of months I think.

Yesterday we had a meeting for all the sisters in the mission. It was fun:) we learned a little bit about how to get along better with our companions. And since there were no elders around, we learned how to do Hawaiian "movements" (no dancing allowed;) It was good to get together with all the sisters, we're kind of a minority...we also got to learn how to do some simple cooking tricks that will be convenient for the mission. Like making these little pastries that are quick and simple, cuz that's what we need!

We had the women's conference, in which we had a couple of less actives come to! We were so excited to see them there! And then one of them came to church without being prompted to, so we were pretty happy about that too!

There's a new video that's out now, called BecauseHelives. This is a fantastic conversation starter and we'll be handing out cards and hopefully a lot of people will want to know more from the video!

I love you all very much and I hope you have such a good week:) Love, Hermana Bentley

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