Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letter from Home - Monday, April 6th, 2015

In answer to your question about if I know Spanish: I know a lot of Spanish. Because I don't get much practice, I get a headache trying to speak it. But I still know quite a bit. In fact, I get compliments when I speak it. Your old Ma knows something!

Sorry about today! Steven is here for the week and had to talk this morning. Then I was late for DUP; so I hurried and got there late. So I missed you online. I was so sad. But I loved getting all those pictures! Plus reading your emails. I thought maybe I could send you a letter snail mail. We'll see. I'm pretty much worn out from having Abrielle and Nathan here for a Grandma sleepover on Saturday night. It ended up being a Grandma weekend with sleepover. I'm bushed! But I sure love having them over. It's just good that the younger girls have the babies!

I will not be able to be online with you two Mondays out of the month--except for the summer months because of DUP meetings. I'm sad about that because Monday mornings are the highlight of my week. But I do need to pay attention to my responsibilities. I'm hoping to get my email written on Sunday night. That way at least you'll get something from me.

I saw Alexa on Saturday night at the Ladies night and I was excited to hear that she writes you. I'm so glad that she keeps in touch. We had fun at Leatherby's. Aunt Jeanne and Lynnae were there and all of Aunt Malinda's daughters. But Marie wasn't--not sure why she wasn't. Of course, Beth was in Texas and you in New Jersey.

Henry got all four wisdom teeth out. But he didn't have any pain nor did he swell up. The whole procedure took a half your. Now I have a prescription of pain killers in my purse that I don't need! I'm so thankful for the Lord's blessings and miracles. Trevor's arm is still swollen a little. But there is not pain except in one small area. I'm allowing him to not take piano lessons for the month of April so that his wrist can heal. We have dental appointments for Wednesday. So I think we'll get Trevor's wisdom teeth pulled and I already have the pain killers just in case.

I love you soooo much. I'm so glad the Lord is helping you on your mission. We are constantly praying for you.

Love, Mom

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