Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letter from Hermana Bentley - 4/6/15

Happy Birthday to Jesus!

So, back before the mission, I sometimes would drive pretty scary. :) Here, you have to drive in such tight circumstances that when I get home, I'll be an even scarier driver, but at least I'll know what I'll be doing. :):)

The great thing about being a Spanish missionary in the US is that I don't only get one type of Spanish, but Latinos from all the different countries! The down side to that is there is 3 or 4 different kinds of people that make it really hard to understand because of their accents! Like Argentina people. All their ya's are sha's. And not only me, but both of my trainers too have the hardest time understanding Columbianos! And Dominicans use a lot of informal Spanish, so a quarter of what they're saying goes out the other ear. But they are so funny. And I love them all, I'll just have to be okay with not knowing exactly what they're saying...that could be bad...

This week I had a lesson in which the Spirit was definitely not present, and it was the most awkward lesson that we have ever had. Apparently we were supposed to stay there for the whole evening and eat with them and then teach. So we did. This is with Martha and her husband, Diego, who was active in the church for two years, about 15-30 years ago. Things were kinda slow, but then we ate dinner (which was AMAZING! It was some Easter dish that the Catholics do). Then the husband poured himself some beer, and we immediately felt super awkward (but Martha didn't! She's keeping her commitment to live the Word of Wisdom!). And then Martha starts asking some questions about the Word of Wisdom, which made it more awkward. But we did the best we could to answer questions, and then we got ready to teach the lesson; we actually changed the whole lesson plan cuz of how drastically the circumstances changed. But. Then a friend came in to visit with Martha and her husband. I could tell she must've been a good friend, but there was something off. We taught about prophets and how we receive revelation from God through them. Honestly, neither of us felt the Spirit there the whole time, except for one moment. That was when we showed them pictures of the prophet and the apostles. I could feel the Spirit in that moment. I didn't say much in that lesson. I had no idea what to say. But I learned from that lesson that I can't teach if the Spirit isn't there. I'm so grateful for the sweet feelings that come from the Spirit. I treasure those moments when I teach by the power of the Holy Ghost.

My companion has the most awesome music. Totally mission appropriate and some of them are so fun to listen to! There's this one song that Sister Stevens and I love jam out to (when no one is around:)). I can't remember the name right now, but when I get home I'm going to dance to it with one of my neices and nephews!

I love you all very much:) Have an awesome week! Love, Hermana Bentley

at a wedding taking silly pictures with one of the ninas

Chilling with my companion at lunch:)

Having fun at the sister training meeting:)

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