Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letter from Home - Monday, March 30th, 2015

Dear Vickie, This morning has been so busy. Not only did I have Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, but Trevor was sick this morning. So I gave him some grape juice and I helped him to bed. Anyway, I made a smoothie and had him crawl upstairs. I gave him some and went to DUP. When I came back he was on the recliner and was feeling better. I'm pretty sure he didn't have hardly anything to eat yesterday. I was so busy yesterday that I didn't make sure he was eating and drinking. So today I'm making sure he gets what he needs.

Anyway, we had a good fast and testimony meeting yesterday. We had a combined meeting and Brother Sorensen taught about Family History. I'm on the stake committee for the sock hop, so we had a meeting. Dinner was scarcely attended. Only Dad and I ate dinner. It was late because of my meeting; so Henry went to bed because he had an early day. Dad had gone to Mo Tab earlier in the day because he wanted to make sure he sang in Conference so you can see him. He's been really sick, but he felt well enough to at least attend. He sat on the side lines. Today he is feeling much better. I told him to take it easy so he can attend the mandatory rehearsal tomorrow

You can tell I haven't been writing in my journal because I'm thinking back through the week. Just the usual stuff happened--orchestra and lessons. I taught a music class of 2nd graders about the instruments in Orchestra. They were all excited! Saturday night was our Solo and Ensemble Concerto Concert. It was such a good concert. CJ Madsen, who won national reflections of the PTA, played with us. He is amazing!

Well, I'd better get this off so you have something to read. Remember, that I love you soooo much. More important your Heavenly Father loves you. Love, Mom

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