Sunday, March 22, 2015

Letter from Hermana Bentley - 03/16/15

I turned 19 and a half yesterday! It was fun. I felt, like, a little bit older. So that was fun. Anyway. We had a training meeting on Tuesday and that. was. awesome!! We were taught by an Elder Stroud, who teaches the institute here. He taught us about Baptism of Fire and of the Holy Ghost. Whoa. I thanked him afterwards. It was just something so special and there was a burning feeling inside my chest. Many members of the church are baptized, but they are not baptized by the fire of the Holy Ghost. In confirmation, the words, "Receive the Holy Ghost" aren't a passive pronouncement. They mean that that person now has the ability to receive the Holy Ghost continually. But we gotta keep the commandentments, pray, read the scriptures, do what we know to be right in order to have the Spirit. It isn't just given to us. We need to make ourselves worthy. We need to have more than a testimony. We need to be converted and there comes that baptism of fire. I thought to myself, how do I do that? I love this quote, and I can't remember if it was from a general authority or from Elder Stroud:

"We need to discuss behavior only to the degree that we identify the behavioral problem, and then find the doctrine that addresses that behavior, and teach it." So I'm applying that to my teaching this week! But honestly, it is teaching the doctrines that corrects not so awesome behavior. If we try to talk about correcting behavior, more likely the not so awesome behavior will increase. So it's just best to teach the doctrine of Christ, for more often than not, members who are less active simply do not have a perfect understanding of the doctrine. I say that with love and the Spirit.

I feel that I am loving the mission more and more every day! Sister Stevens has only ten weeks left and we are doin' awesome! And my Spanish is doin' better every day! I was called on in Gospel Doctrine by the teacher to give an answer and an elder near me immediately said, do you understand that? and they all looked like I had no idea what he had even asked me. But surprisingly enough, I understood it pretty all right and answered the best I could in my interesting Spanishness. I think my favorite part of progressively learning Spanish is that EVERYONE-missionaries and natives- look so surprised when I talk!

Something that I'm learning from Sister Stevens is how to love the people and the missionary work. Me gusta. I'm so glad that I have the privilege to go talk to people and help them see Christ as their hope!

I love you all, and I'm am so happy when I get to hear from you! I love the letters, and knowing what's going on in your lives. My dear family, I'm so glad i have you for eternity. I miss you and i love you, but i am here so that these people might also have eternal life. Love ya'll!

Hermana Bentley

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