Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter from Hermana Bentley - March 9th, 2015

Wow! Tomorrow I'll have been on the mission for three months!

Transfers were on Tuesday and I was super afraid of losing my companion, Sister Mortensen! But I shook off that fear and put on some faith! My new companion is Sister Stevens! She's super funny and awesome!! I don't know what it is about her, but she helps me so much to calm down, cuz I get stressed a lot actually.

This week has been fun, and I'm starting to really enjoy going and teaching according to the Spirit. Saturday was super fun, we had 5 lessons, which is the most that I've had in a day:) The people that we meet with are so awesome! We've been meeting with a lot of less actives and they seem so willing to listen to us, and we got a couple to come to church with us yesterday! I have so much faith that they're going to become active again, and I excited for that!

One of our investigators, Martha, is progressing slowly, but surely. We've taught her a lot, but we are going to read with her parts of the Book of Mormon, just to help her really get into there. She's like my latino mom:) I just want to sit and talk to her for a long time! but we're only supposed to keep our visits at the most to 45 minutes. We met with her on Friday and we tried to leave after an HOUR AND A HALF, but it we couldn't end it! I don't know how to end a cita hardly at all! Sister Stevens said that there were a couple of times where it seemed like we would be able to close the conversation and leave, but then Martha would just bring up another thing! The latinos are so loving. But it's really hard to leave! Especially since it's easy to offend. We'll make it happen though! Somehow.

Spanish is going pretty alright. I'm speaing more in citas, and they're understanding me! It's awesome! I even forgot the word for cita. I asked my companion yesterday. It's appointment. It's just so weird. But fun! The Gift of Tongues is working within me and I am ever so grateful!

Jesus is the Christ, and He knows exactly how each of us feel! We just gotta access that power of the Atonement, by repenting and being baptized, constantly taking the Sacrament and keeping the commandments of God. If we're not keeping those commandments, of course we're gonna feel rebellious! By not obeying the commandments, we are subject more to Satan. And that stinks. So keep them commandments! I love you all, and Heavenly Father loves you more and is behind you the whole way!

Love ya! Hermana Bentley

 This is my new companion Sister Stevens! She's super awesome!!

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