Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter from Hermana Bentley - March 2nd, 2015


Goodness gracious, this week has been HARD! Some of them people in Kearny are facing some hard trials! And some of our investigators are not answering us. But none the less, we will continue to work hard. It's getting difficult for them and us, but that must mean that something good is coming! All your prayers are sooooo appreciated!

As for our investigator Oscar, I'll have to let you know when he gets baptized. I found out a week or two ago that he's been investigating the Church for some 30 years! We asked him in a cita last Monday if he had ever prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. Can you believe it? He has not. So we are putting their family on some serious medicine called, "read the flippin' book". But they still have a desire, which is super awesome! Everyone needs to at least have a desire in order to grow in this gospel!

A couple of days ago my companion and I were literally running to a cita cuz we were really late. We were going to go by this Dominican lady, when she stopped us and asked us if we were missionaries. We told her that we were. She was shaking so bad the poor girl! She straight out told us that she needed help. My companion was really afraid, but she kindly asked this girl questions, and we sat her down and helped her to calm down. We had just been at a member's house, and they gave us chocolate soda crackers, and so I gave her some, and we just kept talking to her. We called our other cita and canceled, and we saw them the next day. While my companion was doing that (cuz I can't understand Spanish on the phone to save my life) I sat with this girl and tried to speak and comfort her. Ugh. I am so bad at talking to people. My companion really does most of the talking, and I feel awkward and stumble in my words whenever I do speak. I just can't seem to get those words out. So. It was okay though, cuz my companion came back and we were able to fix a cita con ella.

We met with a mother and her daughter yesterday. The daughter has severe depression and has to be on medication. She recently got some new medication and has been adjusting to it. She's not doing so well. She shaved her head, plucked all her eyelashes, and her eyebrows were almost not there. We talked to her and her mom, and for a moment the mom left the room and we could talk to Sherry( the daughter) alone. All of her faith and hope is gone. She was very sharp about it, the poor girl. When we realized that the Spirit could not teach her, we simply let her know that we still love her, and care about her. She appreciated that. Her mom (who's name is also Sherry), still wants to come back, and that is difficult for her between work and her daughter. Thank goodness she has awesome visiting teachers! They called us to be updated, and they're going to go be a support for her! I'm so happy about that! For real, I think if I only got one thing from my mission, it would be that I will be a super awesome visiting teacher!

So I just ate some cow stomach for lunch. We were at a member's house who have been wanting to cook for us. I was okay, until started to mix my rice and sauce together. Then I saw a good strip of cow stomach. I kinda gasped and looked at my companion and she gave me a stern look and mouthed "eat your food!" I tried, but every time I looked at it I flipped out a little on the inside. It's okay though, I got through! Okay one more thing. I have to have a back up trainer. This next transfer my trainer is leaving because she has been called to be a sister training leader! She is so perfect for the job, seriously, she's amazing and she's helped me so much! But I'm still sad that she can't stay to finish training me. I'm nervous though, cuz that means that I'm kinda leading my area for the next transfer. It's okay though, cuz my future companion knows this area pretty well anyway. And it's truly the Lord that directs this whole thing. So I'm gonna replace that fear with some faith:)

I love ya'll, have a fantastic week, alright? Love, Hermana Bentley

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