Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Letter from Home - Monday, March 16, 2015

Dear Vickie,

For the first time, I wrote in my journal every day this week! Yea!!! So now I have information that may enhance my email this week. I'll start with Monday. I usually go backwards because I'm trying to remember the things I did. But now I don't have to think much because it's all written in the journal.

Last Monday I went to see my boss at Jordan School District. I thought I wouldn't be able to teach orchestra next year because I will be going to Texas to help Beth out when she has her baby. But Mary Ann, my boss, said to ask the other teachers to substitute for me. I think I already found a sub. I saw one of the other teachers in the temple on Tuesday and she said that she needs a sub for November. So I guess we'll try to work that one out.

Tuesday I went to the temple in the evening and had a very nice time at a chapel session that Bishop Hawkins asked us to come to. During the endowment session I was able to see the other new movie that I hadn't seen before. Each of those new movies brings out different things to think about. Anyway, I had a good time attending the temple.

Wednesday I practiced with Tonya. I played the violin and she sang. One of her friends played the piano. That night I made a Japanese dish that tasted pretty good. I'm trying to use up this jar of pickled ginger that Beth and David had bought when they were here. They used it to make sushi--which they love! I don't really get off on sushi. So I've been looking for recipes to use up this pickled ginger. There aren't many-I can tell you that! I made a lemon bundt cake just in case we needed something. But everything turned out fine. Thursday I found out that Marie has been really sick with headaches. So I juiced her some grapefruit juice from the fruit that we brought back from Grandfather's house and took it down to her. She said that it really made her feel better and the juice was so much better than the juice you buy in the stores. Thursday night I went to Daughters of the Utah Pioneers camp meeting. We had a lesson on Matthew McCune, pioneer. It was all very interesting. I could write more--but since he's not related I'll just leave it at that. Diane Tree gave the lesson. She's such a good teacher.

Friday I took another pitcher of grapefruit juice to Marie and visited a little while. I hope her headaches go away soon. Friday night, Dad and I went to Archibald's for dinner with a coupon for $10 off a $30 meal. We love their food. Then we went and saw the new movie Cinderella. It was really good. They gave out magic wands at the end. So we gave Dad's magic wand to Abrielle. I'm going to send mine to Breena. If I don't get it sent I'll take it to her in April. But hopefully I'll be a good enough sender to get it off this week!

Saturday we had Symphony. We are getting ready for our Solo and Ensemble Concerto night on the 28th. We didn't realize that it was the same night as the Women's Broadcast. So we will repent and pay attention to that in the future. I am accompanying many of the solos and ensembles. So I'm practicing a lot on the piano. I need to practice my violin music also--but can't get to it. You know me, always over-doing it on time commitments! I really have been doing better. I have taken Aunt Malinda's advice and have learned how to say, "I'm booked for that day." I've even learned to say, "No". I have actually used that word once or twice in the last little while when people have asked me to do things. Gasp!!!

Saturday night was Pie night (3.14 Pi) get it? So the Elders Quorum planned a night where everyone brought a pie. Dad took an apple pie from Costco. Cavet Eaton brought a rabbit pie. Somebody brought a pizza pie. I didn't go because I was worn out from all the practicing that day. I stayed home and did the budget. Dad and Trevor went and had a great time eating pie. They brought a couple of pieces home plus Melanie Turner sent a piece of her pie for me to eat. It was lemon meringue. Henry went to prom with Alison Blankenship?-I can't remember her last name. But Henry took her to the Roof atop the Joseph Smith building. Very nice and very expensive. But it's prom--what can I say. He did have his $100 that I insist upon before even thinking about those kinds of expensive dates. So Dad and I weren't in the hole too badly. His date had a gorgeous dress on. She happily told me that she bought it at DI for $9.00! I love that girl! haha Henry brought his "group" over to the house after the dance. They all looked so nice.

Well, I'd better get this email sent so you will have something to read from your dear old mom. I hope you were able to buy the clothes you need. Also, I hope the missionary work is going well. You are always in our prayers.

Love, Mom

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